How to Start a Purse Party Business – The Essentials

If you are looking for a way to make money out of your home or simply supplement your regular employment income, starting a purse party consulting business could be a great option for you. In contrast to a number of other home party businesses which have fixed catalogs of products which you are required to pick from, purse parties really are a more flexible business model for the reason that the purse party consultant has the luxury of determining the types of purses, handbags and accessories which she wishes to market at the party depending on her own personal tastes and the preferences of the guests who will be attending.

Below, we’ll talk about how to start a purse party business and some of the things that you need to consider.

Understanding Your Guests and Their Personal Tastes

You have the option of offering a very large range of items through your designer handbag party from designer handbags, designer look-alike bags and inexpensive but trendy purses. Exactly what handbags you promote at your purse party business will be determined by who is attending. Knowing your attendees and their tastes before hand will ensure that you have the right types of merchandise available at your party.

How To Start a Purse Party Business – Finding Dependable Distributors

An important factor in creating a flourishing handbag party business is selecting solid suppliers.

To ensure a broad enough range of merchandise, you’ll want to make sure that your supplier has the following bases covered:

– Brand Name Purses

– “No name” reproduction designer Purses

– Stylish and Economical Handbags

It’s really important that you find the right suppliers for your new business. Customers pay in advance for their merchandise so you should choose distributors who will be able to deliver product in a timely fashion.

Products on hand

One of the things that is nice about starting a purse party business is that you can get going on a modest budget and expand the line of purses that you carry as your business expands. Having even a modest supply of hands-on sample purses and handbags with you at your first purse party will still engage your guests and get them pumped about the merchandise you have to offer.

Guest Invitations

When you first start out, you’ll host your own handbag party. You can invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. If you have a lot of people on your potential invite list, you can even break your list up and host multiple parties as small, more intimate purse parties often work the best.

How to Start a Purse Party Business. Planning Your Handbag Party

To create a successful first handbag party, you’ll want to make a short list of things to do. You’ll find that your “to do” list will expand to include more items once your purse party business really starts to take off and you decide what works best for your particular situation. To get going, your first to do list should cover off the following items:

* Distributing invites along with a brief description of how purse parties work and a description of the types of merchandise you will be offering.

* Plan on offering some simple appetizers and some drinks like red and white wine to liven up the party.

* Games – Planning some party games will lighten the mood of the big event while having a door or raffle prize will keep people interested in your merchandise and increase your bottom line!

How to Start a Purse Party Business – Setting Up Your Display

A good looking and well arranged display of the purses you have to offer will always make a good initial impression as guests come in. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before invitees to set up your display. Most consultants will include in their display sales leaflets, catalogs and other promotional items. Place your display table on one side of the room leaving lots of room for your party-goers to hang out and look at the purses. You may also want to put out some business cards which can generate some repeat business from your guests.

Growing a Lucrative Enterprise

The tips and suggestions above will help you get your purse party business off to a great start and will ultimately lead to requests for your services and referrals from others in attendance. Coupled with other unique and innovative marketing strategies that you can easily implement, you can expect that your purse party business will get off to an excellent start and grow into an excellent source of income for you.