Network at Direct Sales Events to Boost Future Attendance

One of the most important skills any direct sales consultant must acquire is the ability to network with event attendees to convince the attendees to keep coming to presentations. The trick to getting people interested in your products is to make yourself available to answer questions and create value in your products that is not readily available.

Developing an effective direct sales training course for your associates is just like anything else in the business world in that the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. By putting in some extra work and teaching your associates useful tricks, you can start to really expand your business.

– Enhance Your Products

The catalogs you give out at each presentation are excellent resources for people to use when learning about your products. But if you work to find one or two more uses for each product that is not in the catalog, then you become a resource for your clients for information that only you have. When you give your presentations, include little bits of product information that is accurate but not in the catalogs. You will find that your clients will continue to call you and attend future events to buy products and get more information.

– Spread Your Contact Information Around

One of the more important elements of direct sales training is getting associates to understand the power of communication. When you or your associates set up for an event, your contact information needs to be all over your catalogs and available on every piece of literature you hand out. You should also carry business cards that you give to each attendee as something they can carry with them with your contact information on it.

– Stay in Touch

When you give a presentation, be sure to ask attendees for their standard mailing or email address so that you can send reminders for upcoming events. You can also use this list to send out short messages on uses for your products and announcements on new product releases. Do not saturate your clients’ inbox or mailbox with mailings, but do enough to maintain your status as a valuable resource.

-Book In Tight – Narrow Choices

The chances are good that your most immediate dates will fill up first. That is why you should only show prospective clients your calendar for the next two to three months. You will find it much easier to fill up your calendar when you already have dates filled in. If you give your client an option of choosing dates that are three months away or more, then it looks like you have more open dates and you lose that sense of urgency.

-Make your calendar look full!!

A sense of urgency in prospective clients is important because it helps to decrease the chances that the client will cancel. In order to create that sense of urgency, you need to know how to keep a calendar that always looks booked and busy.

When your calendar looks full,even if it is not full, then you will become better at booking shows at your show.

Establishing friendships at a direct sales event can be tricky because those friendships only benefit you if they result in sales or more events. That is why you should always act professional, be courteous, be fun and be an invaluable resource for your clients when it comes to your products.