Do You Have an Idea For a Dream Business?

Generally a business idea starts as a dream. We all dream daily but most times we cannot remember what the dream was about. The best way to remember your dream is to always keep an ongoing journal or a small notebook by your bedside.

Immediately after you wake up jot down the person, place, things, colors, sounds or any minor details you may recall. Some details may be revealed as a business idea for a product even if it is unpleasant or vague and especially if you have dreams about the same things.

An example would be if your dream reveals to you the idea of playing with children’s toys. Take that idea and think of the many kinds of toys you can visualize and create. You can even expand on other accessories for this toy. This could be your new dream idea for a business.

Here are just a few ideas or suggestions:

1. Do extensive research on the different toys children really like

2. Do a random survey on different age groups

3. Do settle on a target age group to focus your plans for a toy

Perhaps you could ask a local school Principal’s permission to hand out surveys to their students. Print out a fun and colorful survey with pictures on it so the children can view and mark which items they prefer.

Certain age groups vary in their likes and dislikes. Write your survey for several groups to get a feel of what girls versus boys may like. Boys often like toys that make a loud noise whereas girls may like a quieter sound. Boys may not even notice the color of a toy while girls like softer colors like pink or yellow.

Now you see how your dream can turn into an business idea and possible expanding to include product accessories and school products like lunch boxes, dolls, trucks, comic books, etc.

Go for it!